12th May: Mass Observation day

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Since 12th May 1937, the day of George VI’s Coronation, the Mass Observation project has been asking members of the public to submit a detailed diary entry for 12th May each year. The more everyday the details the better–as this is the fabric that history is made of.

So, what did I get up to on 12th May 2019?

Everyday details aside, I …

  • got high in bed on a large mug of strong coffee, while reading The Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man by Jonas Jonasson.
  • brushed up on my university Italian from 30 years ago so that I can communicate with my new neighbours who don’t speak a word of English.
  • got my period, damn it. I’m nearly 50, I don’t need this anymore!
  • ogled photos of the car I put down a deposit for yesterday. Favourite feature: the back seats fold flat, level with the boot, so that I can sleep in it.
  • finished cleaning, fixing, and photographing my van for sale. I no longer need to live in it as I have now bought my own home (thank you, dear van).
  • rang my friend after discovering in horror on Facebook that her son had just got married abroad without any of his side of the family present. He is completely blind to the manipulative workings of his now-wife.

How did your 12th May go this year?

See how to submit your 12th May 2019 entry.

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