Mass Observation 2022

Mass Observation book spines

It’s that time of year again. The Mass Observation team at the University of Sussex have been collecting people’s records of their 12th of May since 1937. Is there anything about even a modestly spent day that would not be of exquisite interest after nearly a century has passed?

Woke up towards 8am. Why? … Couldn’t get back to sleep. Got up. Sorted my gym kit. Put on a load of laundry. Packed for camping at the weekend.

9am Zoom work meeting on what’s left to do before we put the new website live.

Made myself a strawberry, banana, celery, and superfood powder Nutribullet smoothie. Felt lightly high.

Out on a late break 4:20pm. Hopped on my electric scooter over to the youth centre to vote Labour in some by-election. Didn’t get arrested (for scootering illegally, not for voting Labour).

The orange cowl and orange bandana I ordered from eBay arrived. Slipped the first over my head and tied the second round my wrist. They looked great. Clippered my hair to grade 4 to complete the look.

Tech Zoom call to query how best to create video that imports audio, photos, and slides. Got some ideas.

All set up for house-sitting!

Cleaned my kitchen. And took my laptop to bed 10:55pm.

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