Quotes from reviews of Lesbian Crushes in France

  • Grainne says …

  • Natasha is trying to overcome heartbreak over her first love, Alex. But is also determined to make her year abroad exciting, and she does not disappoint.
  • Natasha is determined to fill her diary with crazy road trips and strange adventures, even if she ends up getting in trouble in the process.
  • This is a story for those who know what it’s like to struggle with the trials of love, sex, friendship, and everything in between.
  • Brenda says …

  • I always love reading her diaries. The way she describes people in her life is quite colorful. Natasha’s life is anything but boring.
  • I hope there will be more.
  • Michael says …

  • My blood pressure rose when Nat went shoplifting and she conveyed little emotion in case she was caught. I felt it though.
  • Definitely a story of rebellion which YA readers would like.
  • Linda says …

  • I think I may be a little over involved in the story, but a good read will do that to you and this is surely a fabulous read.

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