I have been taking part in research conducted by lesbian PhD Psychology student, Rebecca Jones, into lesbians’ experiences of eating disorders ( Very little research has been conducted on this subject. Most existing research assumes a heterosexual identity. In her pilot research, Rebecca Jones has uncovered some common ways in which lesbians talk about their eating disorders:

  • a response to the stress and uncertainty of not fulfilling hetero-normative expectations
  • to fit into hetero-normative standards of femininity by being slim
  • to avoid one’s sexuality by focusing on food
  • to defocus people’s attention from one’s sexuality by being ill

If you would like to take part in this research, please email Rebecca.

The UK’s leading eating disorder charity, Beat, has launched weekly live chats for LGBT people under 25 years old. Chats take place every Tuesday 6.45pm-8pm. To take part, register on their website:

For a leading UK eating disorder charity to recognise the needs of LGBT people with eating difficulties is a great step forward, great news.

Portia DeGeneres (professionally known as Portia de Rossi) is a celebrity that I cannot help but be drawn to—as she is a lesbian who has previously struggled with anorexia. The question as to whether or not her anorexia was due to her closeted sexual orientation, for me, remains unclear.
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When thinking about where the best place was to start with my blogging, I decided starting with a brief overview would be best…
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