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Imagine you find someones diary… Are you the kind of person that would be unable to respect their privacy? Would you want to at least skim it for juicy details? Well I guess that’s me. I had just intended to check out the first chapter or two, but before I knew it, I found that I could not stop snooping in on the author’s life!

I also agree with another reviewer that pointed out how well this ‘diary’ was written. It contains fragments and snippets and is obviously very informal, but the author’s way of presenting the pieces of this story still manage to flow like a novel. I found myself invested in her story. At several points I wanted to slap Alex and help the author forget all about her!

[…] I’m impressed with the author’s ability to put it all out there, and her story telling is engaging.

Excellent read! I love the way the author was able to bring me into her world by making me feel like I was sneaking into her diary while actually carrying me through her story. There is a true story line and a definitive end. This is a great book to recommend for anyone battling with an eating disorder or with their sexuality. I was able to relate to some of the author’s experiences which brought me further into the book. It’s not easy to bear your heart and soul but the author has done an amazing job at letting the reader feel her happiness and hurt with her too.

Historian and Editor of 'The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister'

As the editor of the Anne Lister journals I was amazed when I found Natasha Holme’s book. I learned that, like Anne Lister (1791-1840), Natasha has been an obsessive diarist from her early teenage years. But the startling fact is that, again like Anne Lister, Natasha wrote in a secret code of her own devising. This marked her out, to me, as a modern-day Anne Lister. Natasha’s account of her struggle to realise her lesbian sexuality and to deal with her eating disorder makes for an interesting, honest and sometimes painful read. I contacted her and, finding that she has many more years of her diairies yet to be published, I feel that a discerning literary agent might well find it rewarding to take up the challenge of getting them published. Like Anne Lister, from whose diaries I have published two books from which two documentaries and a film have been made, Natasha’s story could, I believe, become the subject of a film. It is my belief that her work on her own life may well make her a ‘name’ in the world of lesbian writing.

How do you review someone’s diary? It’s really hard to do. I alternately want to shake the author, and hug her. I found it utterly fascinating and compelling. It’s an interesting look at someone discovering their sexuality. I don’t really know how to review it but I am glad that Natasha was willing to share her troubles and her life with us.

For the love of lesbian diary-writing …

As a lesbian and a devoted diarist, I was thrilled to discover in 1989 the original (1988) publication of this book, I Know My Own Heart: The Diaries of Anne Lister, 1791-1840. At a time when lesbian books were few, this was a godsend and I lapped up every word.
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World Health Day takes place annually on 7th April—each year focusing on a particular aspect of health. The focus for 2012 is Ageing and health: Good health adds life to years. With this in mind, and having just listened to a mother speak of the death of her nineteen year old daughter Melissa from bulimia in 2009 (audio, 12 minutes), I wanted to take a look at the risk of death from bulimia.
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Book cover of Diary of an Eating Disorder, by Chelsea Smith and Beverly Browning RunyonWritten in diary entries, this book tells of how Chelsea’s parents’ divorce and sexual abuse by a neighbour result in the negative self-image that lead to her anorexia and bulimia. There are many Christian references in the text.

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Book cover of The Anorexia Diaries, by Linda and Tara RioI love the angle of this book: a mother’s and daughter’s diary entries published side-by-side from a time when the daughter was suffering from eating disorders. Tara is angry with her mother for focusing on her career and turns the anger on herself by developing anorexia and bulimia. The book also includes retrospective comment from both mother and daughter.

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Book cover of Diary of a Recovered Bulimic, by Martha M.A memoir interspersed with diary entries, this book spans twenty years. Martha M. is devastated by her parents’ divorce. She starts throwing up her food at age thirteen. When she reaches twenty-six she realises that, if she doesn’t stop now, the ‘well’ part of her life will become a fraction. She starts watching others’ eating patterns to work out a normal relationship to food.

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Book cover of Mealtimes and Milestones, by Constance BarterWritten in diary format, this book tells the story of Constance Barter’s anorexia from the age of thirteen. Constance eats half a yoghurt and a cherry tomato a day, and exercises until she collapses. At age fourteen she spends seven months in hospital, keeping a diary record of her journey to recovery.

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