Rainbow Awards 2012 treasure hunt for LGBT books

My book is one of 243 LGBT ebook and print book prizes in the Rainbow Awards 2012 Treasure Hunt created by Elisa Rolle.

You can pick one book per day. (Warning: Facebook account required). For a shot at winning a book, complete a chain made of:
Book title > Word from book title > Definition of word > Book cover > Post number.
(For any book marked ‘New’ there is no cover or number, so just match Title > Word > Definition.)

Word: List of words.

Definition: To each word corresponds a definition. Elisa is using the simple versions of the words: single nouns and unconjugated verbs. List of definitions.

Book cover: Now search for the cover here: Book covers.

Post number: Click on the book’s cover. Then click on the ‘Rainbow Awards: Current Submissions’ link. See what number was assigned to Elisa’s post about the book.

And finally, let Elisa know your answer by commenting on her post.

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