Mass Observation 2023

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Nothing exceptional happened today. But that’s the point of the Mass Observation project. The team at the University of Sussex collects the mundane details of people’s everyday lives on 12 May every year.

Easy work day. Doing copy updates for our partner websites mainly. Punctuated by the usual Friday caffeinated cleaning frenzy, ready for the weekend.

Spent my lunch break practising more punk beats and fills on my drum kit. Punk rock has become my preferred drumming style by far. Still struggling with increasing my speed with the single stroke rolls, though. Seem to be going backwards.

Made some progress on my project for eventually going down to part-time work. Slow-going when I have so little free time.

Bought an inverter for my car. Now I can plug in appliances as I can at home. Want to charge up my laptop while camping. And for living in my car if I ever Airbnb out my flat?

Invigorating discussion on the housing crisis. My solution: build a ton of new social housing, ban ‘Right to Buy,’ ban second homes, introduce hefty rent caps, don’t allow MPs to be landlords.

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